Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas holidays at Rome..

Hello everyone..Im sorry i was late for a post but I was at Rome on vacation with my best friend Vasw..Rome is very beautiful city and especially in Christmas because everything is decorated with lights.I most liked the Spanish steps and Via Condotti street, where you can find luxury Italian and foreign boutiques such as Bulgari, Hermes, Louis Vuitton,Burberry and more.I spend almost two days walking around the boutiques.. :) Of course we went to Colloseum,the Vatican city,st Peter and generally all the touristic places.I believe Rome is one of the best places for shopping.We bought many things and more the Italian trademarks because it is a little bit more cheap than it is here in Greece.I have a picture below with all our shopping..Also I loved their gelato (ice-cream) and pasta,I couldn't stop eating..I hope i will go again in the future but first we want to go to Milan the paradise of shopping..Have great holidays,i hope you like my fotos below.. x x x


  1. αχ .....Ρωμηηη!!!!!! ειμαι ερωτευμενη με τη Ρωμη πηγα πριν απο περιπου 2 χρονια ποσο τελεια ειναι ετσι? θα μπορουσα να μεινω μονιμα πιστευω..
    πολυ ωραιες φωτο ειμαι σιγουρη οτι περασες απιθανα ..και αυτο το παγωτο...αχ.....


  2. teleiaa itan..makari na 3anapaw suntoma an kai thelw na paw prwta pagwto teleiooo :)


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