Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What to wear in new years eve..

Only a few days left for the last day of the year and all the girs and boys(why not) are looking for something special to wear.I believe it is a "must" to wear high heels..Below i will show you some of the best shoes this year for me.A mini dress if you have a fit body and beautiful legs would be great but your shoulder and chest must be dressed..A black dress with lace is a perfect solution for you.If you have some more weight you can wear a midi dress with a large belt under your chest that slims your waist.If you are not that tall a high waist trousers with a blazer with puff sleeves will make your body look longer.Black,dark red,dark green,gold and white are some "safe'' colors for that night.Jewels and clutches must totally match with the color of your clothes.For boys I recommend a simple black suit with a special tie.For underwear people say that new red underwear brings you luck.I bought from my trip in Rome,i hope in 2012 i will be luckier.So why not to try it this new years eve?Also boys love them.. ;)

ps.I hope you like my advice.My english are not quite well and I will try to improve them,until then sorry. :P I hope to have great holidays....kisses..


  1. Τέλειο post ! ! !
    Λατρεύω τις nude γόβες :D

    Kisses xx

  2. πολυ πολυ ομορφες επιλογες!! εχεις τοσο ωραιο μπλογκ !! σευχαριστω πολυ για το σχολιο σου ε βασικα η συνεντευξη ηταν για τις ειδησεις αληθεια μας ειδες στην ελενη?χιχι δεν ηξερα κατι τετοιο ..
    Μολις εγινα αναγνωστρια σου ελπιζω να τα λεμε μεσω των μπλογκς μας!



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