Monday, October 24, 2011

How to be a goddess on your first date!

Yesss he finally asked you on a date!You were all the time anxious about asking you out and now that he did,you are about to be paniked!Just relax make sure to start at least half an hour to get ready than your usual time. This will help if something goes wrong for an example a mistake in makeup or hair.Starting from the body have a delicious,relaxing and hot bath.A tip to keep for a long time your perfume is to select the  same body cream with your perfume.While you are having your bath scrub the "hard" skin with a special product to leave the dead cells.Remember that waxing is one of the most important things a woman should take care(wearing a dress while your legs are hairy or smiling with hair above your lip not sexy!).Apply to your hair a mask to have soft and good smelling hair(tip:rinse your hair with cold water it makes them more shiny). Don't forget to treat one of the most important elements of your appearance your smile for white teeth you should daily brush your teeth at least twice a day (tip :for even whiter teeth put on your toothbrush some baking soda).Then wear a good deodorant and put on your body cream for soft skin.Now for nails i prefer the french style,it is a very safe choice and matches with all colors(clothes).If you don't like it the colors that are in fashion for the fall 11 are gold,navy blue and nude.(just choose the best colour that matches with your clothes). As for the makeup choose something safe that you have done many times and had received positive feedback. Avoid intense eyes, lips, cheeks because you will look like a singer in a night club of the highway. If you have dark circles use a concealer slightly lighter than your make up.Now about clothes wear something that makes you feel confident, i prefer the "romantic" style on dates.Eliminate your anxiety,wear your favourite perfume,smile and you are ready!Have fun..... 


  1. nice post--every girl needs a little advice for dates :)

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