Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It is raining and its not men....

Want or not the winter started even if it is still autumn.The first raindrops and cold had already made their appearance.I bet we all dont want our hair and make up or clothes and shoes  to be dissolved,thats a little bit difficult especially if it has also wing.But there are rainboots to help us be in fashion and dry.Rain boots were always in the market but no one believe that their elegant or ''in''.I remember when i bought my first pair a few years ago,everybody made fun of me.It feels so goooood tha now all are wearing them and they are consired as a "must" in our wardrobe.You can find them in all colors and prints for casual or formal.Below i show you rain boots that i liked for all tastes and pockets!I hope we all have a nice weekend!Enjoy kisses.......  
Dolce & Gabbana € 155.00 
Gabriella Rocha $49.00
Juicy couture $130.00
Burberry rainboots $225.00
Hunter rainboots  £80.00
leopard fullah sugah 37.50euro

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