Monday, October 17, 2011

Rings for fall....

Gooood morning everyone!!!!The last years rings have become a piece of art.Cheap or expensive its a very beautiful accessorie that women must wear from morning to late night!I  have a lot and usually prefer the big ones with stones!This fall the most fashionable rings have the shape of skulls,animals like snakes and of course the classical solitaire.I know that all girls (including me)  are waiting to wear THE engagment ring but until then lets content to the normal ones :D Also this year in fashion will remain the double and the new triple finger ring!!I bought from ebay a snake ring (last pic) and im waiting to come to wear it on!I am aware that they are expensive but you can do what i do!!For an example i loved the snake ring by elise dray (pic 2)but it costs $7.420 (omg).i really liked the shape and design so 1 searched it out in ebay.I know that they are not the exactly the same but it is a good solution to be in fashion even with a small budget!Enjoy and stay tuned for more of me to come!kisses.....

three finger ring
elise dray $5.375
ileana makri $3.430
kenneth jay lane $175
juicy couture $42 $4
polyvore $40

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